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    Hike to the Heavens on Mount Chocoura

    Boston Outdoor Adventures

    BEFORE RSPVING, PLEASE READ SECTION 1 AND THE RELEVANT SECTION (2 OR 3) BELOW. Ridj-it, a ride share service and this group’s sponsor, will be utilized 1) to efficiently manage trips to reduce the burden, and 2) to better track changes in RSPV...

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    Summer 2016 Seller and Buyer’s Guide to Real Estate in the North Conway NH area

    Just in case you missed the page I created for the Seller’s Guide and the Buyer’s Guide for the Summer 2016 Real Estate season, I am linking the images here to the page where I have the guides ready for download as pdf files. Click Here Click Here

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    Get Pre-Approved if you go out looking

    Serious About Home Buying? Get Pre-Approved In many markets across the country, the amount of buyers searching for their dream home greatly outnumbers the amount of homes for sale. This has led to a competitive marketplace where buyers often need to stand out. One way to show you are serious about buying your dream home […]

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    The Skyline Estates Project – Bringing Madison NH land from lot to house Pt 1

    Converting raw Madison NH land to productive use for families Home                           Bill’s Property Search Tool                         Bill’s Blog As Theresa Bernhardt and I go through this process of bringing Skyline Estates from the planning table to a populated neighborhood in Madison NH, I will be documenting our progress through blog posts and video posts. On the […]

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